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Mature Mistress Francine



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Being a conscientious mistress I like to think that each femdom session is as unique as the client. You each bring your own needs to the table — we’re all different after all. You may have a fantasy you wish to talk through, perhaps even if only in a fragmentary form. My rich experience as a Dominatrix and privately as a hardcore swinger enables me to fill in the gaps and steer you to where you need to go. One of my sex slaves makes the analogy of an air traffic control tower talking a plane down to landing in the absence of a pilot. During a session, I can become the pilot of ‘your’ subconscious desires.

Our session may take many different directions, you may wish to just talk about what is going on in your head or you may prefer to full on femdom experience. You may wish to even dominate me, if the scenario pleases me I quite enjoy this for a change. A session does not necessarily have to be based on BDSM, I enjoy sex too be it Hetro, Bi or TV but it has to be fun and on the extreme side.

I’m not a mind-reader nor even a hypnotist (though many have remarked on the mesmerising quality of my voice). I do, however, have the ability to read a client and to second-guess where he (and it’s usually a he) needs to be taken.

Never be afraid to tell me about your fetish or your secret wishes.  I promise I will take you very seriously and not judge you however unusual you may think your needs are, I am here to listen.

I often hear from guys with erection and ejaculation problems sometimes as the result of a physical illness or depression , we have had found that after a couple of sessions things can improve greatly.  I must state that I have no medical qualifications whatsoever,  just a lifetime of experience, however according to feedback received it can help enormously.









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